The Top Groomsmen Gifts for 2017

Getting married in 2017? Give your groomsmen an awesome gift! They deserve it.

Your groomsmen. These are the dudes you’ve gone to school with since you were eight, who’ve kept your best secrets, and who (possibly) introduced you to your soon-to-be wife. They’ll be there to hand you a beer when you and your wife have your first big fight, when your first kid is born, and when you eventually grow a sick beard and buy a vintage Corvette to celebrate turning 40. These dudes mean a lot. In honor of the relationship, the groomsmen gift needs to either stand the test of time or be incredibly useful and enjoyable for the time it’s used, or BOTH.

We’re tired of the ordinary gifts, are you? It’s tough to find gifts these days that reflect the longevity of the relationship, but we’ve got a few ideas. I mean, if you really want to give your best buds a koozie, tie (that he’ll only wear the day of your wedding), or monogrammed trinket (knife, beer mug, or tie clip), by all means, go ahead. We’re just saying he’s either got one already or he’ll never use it.

Here are a few gifts that your groomsmen will really really like.

Travel bag (or Dopp kit)

Groomsman gift - dopp kit

A travel bag can be boring, but not when you fill it up with necessities like a toothbrush and toothpaste, high-end shampoo and soap, nail clippers, Aspirin, bandaids, and maybe a $20 for emergencies. Dudes hate to pack! Give them a Dopp kit to help simplify their lives. Make it a nice one made from thick canvas or leather so that it lasts.

Original Grain watch

Groomsman gifts - original grain watch

It’s time to give a gift that will stand the test of time that they will use time and time again. Sorry, we have too much time on our hands. Couldn’t resist. Back to the gifts…A watch is a great gift granted it isn’t fluorescent and doesn’t have a superhero on it. Original Grain creates watches with wooden details that are easy to wear and stylish.


Groomsman gifts - treehut sunglasses

Are you getting married on the beach? Give sunglasses for not only the big day, but a pair they will gladly wear throughout the summer! These TreeHut rayban-looking sunglasses are quite unique and will look great in those cheesy group wedding photos!

Monogramed ________

Groomsman gifts - black tumbler

If you’re going to go monogram, make the focus about your groomsman, not the wedding. No one wants a custom tumbler that says “John Fancypants, Groomsman.” Instead, get creative. If your groomsman loves boating, get a custom tumbler that says, “Captain John.” See, it’s about him, not that fact that he was in your wedding. This is true for anything that you choose to monogram. Make the item about the person, not the event.

Bag O’ Fun

groomsman gifts - groomsman gift basket

Put some manly things together in a Kroger bag. Extra points if the bag has a hole in the bottom. Just kidding, your bride would not approve of this. But you can create this idea. We’ve seen boxes stuffed with goodies like socks, mini bottles of liquor, snacks, travel essentials, cigars and lighter, personalized money clip, candy, pain reliever, beer bottle opener…not all in one box, but this gives you some ideas of a few things that you can pair together.

A bottle of NICE liquor

Groomsman gifts - liquor


It’s tempting to give your dudes a bottle that’s affordable. After all, the misses is probably screaming at you to cut costs. But liquor is not the place to do it. If you decide to buy a bottle of liquor, make it a bottle that they might not buy for themselves. The reaction should be, “Whoa, dude.” Better yet, if you’re budget allows, put a Manhattan kit together complete with orange bitters, sweet vermouth, maraschino cherries, and those little silicone ice cube trays that make balls of ice. We love this idea because it’s giving an experience. And it doesn’t have to be a Manhattan, maybe it’s a kit to make your groups signature drink.


Wooden beer caddy

groomsman gifts - wood beer caddy

Keeping with the alcohol theme, how about a wooden beer caddy? Every dude needs a way to carry his beer into a party. Build it yourself, or if you aren’t crafty, you can always buy them premade! Again, we urge you to not make the gift about your wedding, and make it about the person.

Cheers to the men who will get you through life! We hope your wedding and all the festivities that accompany it are joyful, relaxing, and packed full of the brightest of memories.


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