Thanksgiving Catering with Edley’s: So Easy, a Turkey Could Do it.

Imagine the perfect Thanksgiving Day – kids playing outside, family filling your home, college football on TV, and a warm meal on the table.

It’s a time to focus on family and the many blessings we enjoy. It’s not spending all day in the kitchen AWAY from your family.

The solution? Let Edley’s handle the food this year. No more burnt casseroles, dry turkey, or over-mashed mashed potatoes. While we can’t fix all your holiday troubles (like cranky Uncle Joe), Edley’s can make sure your table is set with the tenderest smoked turkey your lips have ever tasted and all the fixings that go with it.

Don’t spend endless hours in the kitchen this year, call Edley’s. No fuss, just great tasting food.

What is on the Thanksgiving catering menu?

Yummmmm…we’ve whipped up a few NEW menu items just for the holiday season. Your taste buds are in for a treat!



Parmesan mashed potatoes


Green bean casserole






Cranberry salad


How does Thanksgiving catering work?

It’s easy. Call Edley’s, ask for the holiday catering package, and tell us how many guests you plan on feeding. To make it even easier, you may fill out our holiday catering form online.

Price: The meal is $12 per person (with a minimum of 15 people), so there’s no guessing on how many quarts to order.

How far in advance do you order? Let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

When and where do you pick up your meal? All Thanksgiving orders can either be picked up at the Edley’s East location or delivered to you. If you’re picking it up in store, make sure to come by on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). All Edley’s locations will be closed on Thanksgiving day.

When is the menu available? The menu is available from November 1st through December 31st.

Relax, Edley’s can take care of your Thanksgiving dinner this year. It’s so good, even Uncle Joe won’t be cranky!


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