How to Host a Summer Bar-B-Que Fit for 20 People

Get the red checkered tablecloths out, it’s BBQ season!

Summer is perfect for hosting friends – a big group of ‘em. Endless games of corn hole, beer, and selfies galore are a recipe for a memorable sh-bang.

Are you wanting to host friends, but have no idea where to start? Knowing how much food to buy can get complicated because everyone eats a different amount, but at Edley’s, we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating over the years.

We get asked all the time about quantities for group gatherings. Today, we’re sharing a menu designed to please a party of 20 and a few tips to help you prepare everything else.

How much Bar-B-Que do you need to feed 20 people?

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Let’s talk about the meat. For about 20 people, you’ll need 5-6 pounds. If there are children coming to your gathering, you can go on the low end. But if it’s all adults, have more than you need to be safe. Edley’s Bar-B-Que can be purchased in one-pound increments, and each pound can serve 3-4 people. Some may eat like a bird (but none of your friends, right?) and some may come back for thirds! Keep in mind that we also provide the right amount of sauce for the meat purchased.

What about sides?


Have you looked at our sides? Potato salad, baked beans, green beans, mac ‘n’ cheese, cole slaw, bean salad, black eyed peas….how can you just pick one or two? Well, you don’t have to. For your 20 guests, you’ll need at least 4 quarts!

They come in handy quart-sized containers, so you can get as many varieties as you want! Quarts are $9 each and they feed between 5-6 people. If you decide to go with two or more sides, expect them to feed 5 people each because your guests will want to try all of them!

See the full menu here!

Dessert to top it off


And after all that southern deliciousness, you’ll need a dessert. Go with a whole pie to save some cash. One of our chocolate, chess, or pecan pies serves 6 people (at least!). Pick your favorite pie flavor and add on a gooey butter bar tray that serves 15 people and you’re set to feed 20 people dessert!

Looking for a non-counting option?

Edley’s is happy to bring the fixings to you and truly cater your party. Pick a meat and two sides, and tell us how many people you expect, and we’ll do the math for you. We’ll set it up and even serve it (for an extra charge).

Hosting tips

  1. Make it official. Send an invitation by email using Punchbowl.
  2. Drinks! Water is always a good idea on a hot day. But if you’re looking for some southern sips, Edley’s can take care of lemonade or tea. If you’re craving beer, fill up a few growlers at The Filling Station (next to Edley’s in both 12 South and East Nashville).
  3. Keep the bugs away. Follow these 10 tips.
  4. Entertainment is a must. Invest in a few backyard games like badminton, corn hole, ginormous Jenga, or water guns! It’s all about creating memories!

It’s summertime…and the living is easy when you cater with Edley’s! The next time you want to host a large gathering, think of Edley’s! We can cater a large or small shindig, and we love doing it. Be sure to tag us on social media with #edleysbbq, because we’d love to see your summertime fun!

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