Deep Fried Banana Pudding: a New Southern Tradition

Banana pudding (the ‘g’ is optional) has become a staple of southern desserts, holding its place right next to pecan pie and peach cobbler. Although banana pudding didn’t necessarily originate in the South, over time it has become a synonymous with it and is now an authentic, Southern dish.

Banana Pudding’s Delicious Beginnings

This traditional Southern dessert has looked very different throughout the years. In the late 19th century, it started out very similar to a traditional English Trifle with alternating layers of bananas, chilled custard, and sponge cake. Recipes varied greatly; some were baked, some were chilled, some used cake, some were topped with meringue. It wasn’t until the 1920s when banana pudding started becoming more like the recipe we know today.

banana pudding


The Banana Pudding We Know Today

In the 1920s, people started swapping out the sponge cake in the traditional recipe for the more convenient Vanilla Wafers. Once it started becoming popular to use Vanilla Wafers in place of sponge cake, Nabisco took advantage and started printing a banana pudding recipe on the side of their Vanilla Wafer boxes in the 1940s. In the 1960s, more convenient substitutes became popular like using whipped topping instead of meringue and banana cream flavored pudding instead of custard.


How Banana Pudding Became a Southern Classic

It isn’t known how this iconic dessert became so connected with the South, but by the 1960s the majority of published banana pudding recipes identified it as a Southern dish. There are many speculations as to how this delectable dessert became uniquely Southern, but what we do know is you’d be hard pressed to attend any Southern potluck and not find at least one homemade banana pudding.

Edley’s Bar-B-Que is “a tribute to all things Southern” so of course, we had to include this creamy, rich dessert on our menu. We’ve been serving some of the best Banana Pudding in the South for over six years, but we’ve embraced the evolving history of banana pudding and decided to put another Southern spin on it. That’s right, we deep fried it.

deep fried banana pudding

Join us at any of our Edley’s locations and try out our new Deep Fried Banana Pudding. It’s drizzled in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s the perfect ending to a truly authentic Southern meal, and you can only find it at your local Edley’s.


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