[nFOCUS] Always Fresco: When The Weather Turns, It’s Time To Turn To Dining Outside

If 12South had a neighborhood treehouse, it just might be Edley’s, whose sprawling deck is perched over the trendy corridor, beckoning passersby to climb aboard for barbecue and brew. It’s a cozy enough hangout in winter, but when the balmy weather arrives and the garage doors go up, the patio promises to be a festive destination for a manly, meaty repertoire of pork ribs, Brunswick stew and platters of pulled pork, smoked turkey, chicken, brisket and catfish. There’s a surprisingly fresh and abundant salad, if you’re so inclined, but you might not be able to resist Tuck’s Special, a brisket sandwich on brioche slathered with pimento cheese and topped with a fried egg.


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