Working to bring Barbecue to 12th South

It’s been a busy few weeks at the corner of 12th South and Halcyon.  The people who hang out in the 12th South area are the best.  Big thanks to all the neighbors who have been so supportive.  We love it when you walk by and talk to us.  You keep us going with your excitement about Edley’s.  We’re glad to know you like a patio so much and we look forward to serving you good food and a good time.

Check out the old barn wood that now lines the bar.  You can see remnants of what was once a red barn east of Nashville.  Now all we need is the bar top, bar stools, and some HDTVs.   Bring on the barbecue, whiskey, and football.

Edley's Bar-B-Que Nashville, TN

Edley's BBQ Nashville, TN

Want some smoked pork, chicken, turkey, wings or ribs?  What about skillet corn, black eyed peas, hoppin’ johns, baked beans, cornbread, creamed spinach, slaw, mac-n-cheese, or potato salad?   Maybe you’re more in the mood for a fried shrimp or catfish sandwich with jambalaya and fried green tomatoes.  This is where you can come and get it.  It’ll be made fresh daily right here (once we get electricity and all).

Edley's Barbecue Nashville, TN

As usual, Trendmark Construction is doing what it takes to stay on schedule and provide top notch work.  If you’re looking for a commercial or residential contractor, they’re local and dedicated to doing a great job.  Michael Gouldener and Brent Hopper are the best of the best.

Edley's Barbecue in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN 12South Neighborhood Barbecue

Local Barbecue Joint in Nashville, TN



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