War of Desserts

At Edley’s, we take pride in our variety of desserts, but we wonder…which is your favorite?

Dessert is a touchy subject for some. The perfect dessert will consume our senses, smelling as good as it tastes. You don’t scarf down desserts, you enjoy them bite by bite.


Growing up with home-made desserts in the South sets a HIGH standard for the delectable after dinner treat. They have to be made with high quality ingredients molded together with a personal and experienced touch to meet Edley’s standards.

Let’s see how our top picks stand up to each other.

Banana Pudding


This ain’t your mama’s banana pudding…it’s better. Ripe bananas, smooth whipped cream, fresh and crispy vanilla cookies make this a must-try dessert. What’s even better? You can opt to get a serving of banana pudding with your meal as one of your side items!

Chocolate Fudge Pie


Chocolate. Fudge. Pie. These three words are a culmination of hours of recipe perfection. The flakey crust pairs perfectly with the soft decadent chocolate fudge. Your taste buds will be screaming for more!

Pecan Pie


It’s impossible to go wrong with a piece of sweet and slightly salty pecan pie. The crunchy top layer gives way to a sweet and savory middle and then flakey crust pushes it over the edge.

So, have you picked a favorite?

If these don’t spark your interest, Edley’s also makes a killer chess pie and rich brownie. And if you cater with Edley’s, you can get these amazing desserts for everyone!

Check us out, and let us know which dessert wins the war!


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