The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

One day a year to celebrate Mothers does not seem like enough. We’ve all been impacted by moms in some form or fashion, whether it was your mother or not. Maybe it’s your wife who works a full time job and still has time to keep the family intact. Maybe it’s your mother who raised you and helped you through life’s hills and valleys. Maybe it’s your grandmother who has helped mold a generation. Regardless of who your maternal figure is, they deserve all the praise we can give them.

Which leads us to this statement: one day is not enough, so let’s make the most of it. Here’s some thoughtful mother’s day presents you can get her as a thank you.

Hand Lettered Thank You Card:

Thank you notes from Paper & Plank

Moms are special. Don’t get her just another boring Hallmark card. Instead, get her a hand-made, beautifully styled card. It’s a nice way to remind her that you think she’s special.

Qualy Sprout Jar Tea or Coffee:

Qualy Sprout Jar Tea or Coffee

This jar is perfect for the coffee or tea drinking Mom. Which is basically all of them, right? When standing, it’s a cute decorative display. But, flip it over and take the bottom lid off, and the spoon functions as a measuring cup for your ground coffee or loose-leaf tea.

Terracotta Pots with Succulents:

Terracotta Pots with Succulents

We love succulents, and so will the Mom in your life. Beautiful, low maintenance, and very popular, succulents make an excellent decorative addition to homes.

Pink Dogwood Tree:

Pink Dogwood Tree

Give the Earth and a Mom a present for Mother’s Day. This beautiful Pink Dogwood tree will be a reminder for years to come.

And one last thing, make sure that no Mom cooks on Mother’s Day. Take a family trip to Edley’s or feel free to order ahead on our app for to-go orders.


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