[Nashville Scene] First Bite: Edley’s Bar-B-Que in 12South

Edleys’ Bar-B-Que was recently featured in the Nashville Scene. Big thanks to editor Chris Chamberlain, contributor for the First Bite section of the Nashville Scene, for the great shout-out!

Just like whenever a new restaurant opens up near where I live, I took a trip to Edley’s Bar-B-Que at 2706 12th Ave. S. repeating my optimistic mantra, “Please be good! Please be good!” After sharing a lunch with three foodie friends, I can say so far, so great.

First of all, there is parking available behind the restaurant, which is a major plus for any place in the 12South neighborhood. Spots are available on the street in front of Edley’s, and also if you turn down Halcyon there is a sign pointing to another lot. While this may seem like a superficial detail, it’s enough to make or break a restaurant near the urban core. Until they are fully staffed up in the next month or so, Edley’s plans to be closed on Tuesdays so they can serve the neighborhood on Sundays.

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