[Nashville Restaurants] Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s Bar-B-Que is off to a smoky good start. The crowds are flocking to the new 12 South restaurant and for one primary reason: these folks know their meat. Take a bite of the brisket: smoky and tender with just a little fat and bit of charred rub for flavor. Paired with a grilled, toasty bun, mild, tangy sauce and a pickle and you have a truly excellent sandwich. The brisket test is important- so many places abuse the cut by overcooking and drying it out. Launch into the pulled chicken and you have another winning combo. This time the smoky (thanks to white oak) and moist chicken is accompanied by a flavorful white sauce. The minced pulled pork also proves to be smoky and juicy. My dining companion Ben pronounces the catfish to be thickly bread, crunchy and tasty. There isn’t a slouch in the bunch. Right now they’re only doing ribs at dinner and that will call for a return trip. Wings, turkey, sausage and shrimp round out the main items. Check the specials board each day for creative sandwiches.

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