Edley’s – The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Shopping for the folks you love (or just like…maybe not even like very much) hoping to find that perfect gift? Well, consider your search over.

Give them Edley’s. Who doesn’t like getting Bar-B-Que for Christmas? It tastes good, it’s an experience rather than a stupid sweater they’ll never wear, it’s needed for survival (maybe that’s a stretch?), and it’s EASY. Since you can’t technically wrap a Bar-B-Que sandwich (we tried, it doesn’t work), give the gift of Bar-B-Que in a tiny envelope. Plus, you get a little something to start your 2017 off right if you spend $50 on gift cards – $25 toward your favorite Edley’s menu items. You can literally get all of your shopping done in five minutes.

Edley’s guide to Christmas shopping:

Here’s a list of people that would like an Edley’s gift card:
-Your mom
-Your dad
-Your brother or sister
-Your grandparents
-The dude in 2D who picks up your mail while you’re out of town
-Your roommate
-Your kids teacher
-Your boss
-The gal at Starbucks who knows exactly what you order (how do they do that?!?!)

People who would NOT like an Edley’s gift card:
-No one.

It’s that simple. There’s no minimums, and you can either pick it up in store or have it delivered via drone. (Just kidding)

Give the gift that keeps on giving, and give an Edley’s gift card.


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