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Pinterest. We all love it (whether you like to admit it or not). It’s the one social media platform that seems to never end. Instead of mindlessly searching through pins of varying quality, we’ve joined Pinterest to bring you the best pins. Think it’s just barbecue? Nope. Below are some featured boards to bring our fans the best content.

Nashville Sightseeing

Whether you’re visiting Music City for the first time, or your roots run deep in the Volunteer State, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to see and things to do in Nashville. No worries – it’s not just the typical touristy list. We included some hidden treasures along the way that some locals may not even know.

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Southern Kitchens 

The best things in life are prepared in the kitchens of the South, from Edley’s barbecue to your grandmother’s special apple pie. We dedicated a board to kitchens because it’s not just another room in the house. It’s a sacred place where memories are made, from the every day family dinners to holiday events.

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Brewed in the South

We love our drinks as much as our barbecue. Some great brands of beer and spirits begun in the Southern states, so we thought they deserved a place in our tribute to all things Southern. Check this board to learn which distilleries and breweries are found in the South.

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A special day held dear in our hearts is a couple’s wedding. Southern décor is rapidly gaining popularity amongst decorations for the big day, so our board brings together the best ideas on how to make the ceremony and reception uniquely yours, with the refined class of the South.

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In addition to decorating your wedding ceremony or reception, you also need to have the finest Southern cuisine for your guests! Why not have barbecue sliders before the bouquet toss, or chocolate covered bacon pops with the cake cutting? Take a peek at what Edley’s catering can do for your big day!

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To see the complete Edley’s Bar-B-Que Pinterest page, check it out here.


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