Eat and Drink on the Patio? Yes, Please

Trendmark Construction continues to work hard and make things happen for Edley’s Bar-B-Que.  The patio is complete and we can’t wait to put it to use.   The board members of the 12th South Neighborhood Association got a preview of the building and were there for the first picture of the new patio.  All they need is some barbecue and cold beverages.  That’s a good looking group on a good looking patio!

We headed east and picked up a great stash of wood from an old barn.  This wood will line both the bar and the counter where orders will be placed.   The wood is gorgeous.  I’ve attached a picture, even though it doesn’t do it justice.

We were able to keep the wood from the original ceiling.  These rafters give the building character and make the place feel open.

Before too long it’s going to smell like barbecue in here!


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